Romilly Stockwell
Architectural Work

Romilly Stockwell

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Swimming Facilities,
Isle of Portland, UK

Inspired by journeys bound to the identity of place and the composition of land above and beneath the surface, the Isle of Portland swimming facilities offer an extension of a coastal walk. Ranges of enclosure and exposure built in Portland stone support local biodiversity, community life and relationships to land. Materiality, people and changes in physiological experience are key architectural themes. The surface of Portland stone reveals past ecosystems. Textural beauty, structural integrity, weatherproofing properties and the rich relationship to local plant life make the locally sourced stone key to placemaking, spatial experience and sustainability. The program aims to strengthen community connections and physical wellbeing through providing access to age-inclusive swimming facilities. The space additionally acts as a place upon return, to reconnect and restore with the local community and natural landscape. Ranges of enclosure and exposure, by variations in stone architectural interventions, at times expose the body to the elements, or shelter and protect it. The physiological shifts encouraged by the architecture relate the user to the changing conditions and cycles of life. A connection to land through emersion into the elements and beauty of the natural landscape support a sense of place and belonging.